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GORIZ (eng. Nucleus) – “the central and most important part of an object, movement, or group, forming the basis for its activity and growth”

The Goriz Leadership Programme is an AGBU Europe initiative aimed at identifying, training and providing professional support to the future global Armenian leaders. It aims to provide talented young Armenians with a professional-level leadership programme that will equip them to confront and transcend the challenges of their personal, professional, community and public lives.

Based on the best practices of world-class leadership trainings, the programme is designed for a cohort composed of 15 men and 15 women. These participants will set off on a 6-month Leadership Development Journey. The journey will consist of lectures, experiential workshops and fun activities for social bonding. The cohort will also be exposed to world-class leaders who are engaged with their Armenian identity.

Clik HERE to read more about the endorsement by President Sarkissian for the Goriz programme.

To download the brochure of Goriz 2020, and to learn how to register for the programme,
please click HERE.
Drawing on the success and lessons learned from Goriz 2019, AGBU Europe has upgraded the programme to a world-class Leadership Programme, facilitated by top leadership professionals of Armenian origin, with the aim of allowing participants to confront and transcend the challenges of their personal, professional, community and public lives.

The entire programme will run over a 6-month cycle and will include 3 modules. The first module will take place in Brussels (4-5 April 2020), the second one in Barcelona (4-5 July 2020) and the last one in Yerevan (2-4 October 2020).

The full cost of the programme per participant is €3.350. It includes tuition, coaching, programme materials, access to an online alumni network, off-site excursions, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and accommodation for the three modules. AGBU is granting 30 Goriz scholarships valued at €2.600. For selected participants, tuition fee is then reduced to €750. Travel to and from the seminar locations are a separate expense covered by each participant.

Detailed information relating to the programme's general approach and the concrete steps for participation is provided in the online brochure.

If you wish to take part in the programme, please register now! The applications will be assessed on a rolling basis. Only short-listed candidates will be invited for interviews.


The final deadline for registration is 29 February 2020.